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M163 Vulcan

M163 Vulcan, M163 Hovet / Machbet
Box art M163 Vulcan, M163 Hovet / Machbet

  DBTyp  Model  
  Base type  M113 M61 Vulcan 20mm  
  Kit manufacturer  Italeri  (Italeri:) Website:
  Material  plastic  
  Origin country  United States of America  Parent category: North America
  Operator country  Chile Ecuador Egypt Iran Jordan Morocco Saudi Arabia Thailand Tunisia United States of America Portugal  (Chile:) ,
Parent category: Latin America, Africa, Asia, North America, Europe, , , , , ,
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  Armoured Vehicle anti-aircraft  (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Ground vehicle, Ground Equipment
  Aera of use  afterwar  
  Scale  1/72  
  BaseVehicle  Ground Equipment  
  Referenced by Type Definition M163 Hovet / Machbet
> Same base or sthg. the like on M113 ( Show/hide: [-])
Model Al Qaswa
Al Qaswa 
Kit Combination M45 Quadmount AA on M548 Cargo truck
class=M45 Quadmount M113
Kit Combination M113A2T1
M113A1  class=M45 Quadmount M113
Model M106 Mortar Carrier
M106 Mortar Carrier 
Model M113A1
Model M113G
Model M113 Fitter conversion
M113 Fitter conversion 
Model M113A1 für Fitter conversion
M113A1 für Fitter conversion 
Model M113 IDF Meshupar 1982
M113 IDF Meshupar 1982 
Model M113 STUG Prototype
M113 STUG Prototype 
Model M113 Atilgan
M113 Atilgan 
Type Definition M113 Korkut
M113 Korkut  class=M113 Oerlikon 35mm
Model M113 VISMOD (Visual Modification)
Kit Combination M113 MRV with Scorpion turret
M113 MRV with Scorpion turret 
Kit Combination M113 FSV with Saladin turret
M113 FSV with Saladin turret 
Type Definition M113 SIDAM 25
M113 SIDAM 25  class=M113 Oerlikon 25mm Vierling
Type Definition M163 Hovet / Machbet
M163 Vulcan, M163 Hovet / Machbet  class=M113 M61 Vulcan 20mm
Model M548 (armoured for Rapier)
Rapier tracked, M548 
Model M577A1 GefStdPz
M577A1 GefStdPz 
Model M730 Chaparral
M730 Chaparral 
Model M-901 Hammerhead
M-901 Hammerhead 
Model M-901 Hammerhead
Desert Shield 1 Aircraft, Tanks 
Model Rapier tracked, M548
Rapier tracked, M548  class=Rapier M113
Model Saad (Talha)
Saad (Talha) 
Model ZPU-2 on M113
ZU-23-2 on M113  class=ZPU M113
Kit Combination ZPU-4 on M113
M113A1  class=ZPU M113
Model ZU-23-2 on M113
ZU-23-2 on M113  class=M113 ZU-23-2
Type Definition Lynx M113½ Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle
M113A1  class=Lynx M113 C&R
Type Definition Type 63 Rocket on M113
class=Type 63 Rocket Launcher M113
> Same base or sthg. the like on M61 Vulcan 20mm ( Show/hide: [+])
Model C-RAM Centurion Phalanx auf HEMTT
C-RAM Centurion Phalanx auf HEMTT  class=C-RAM M61 Vulcan 20mm HEMTT

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